Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You Know You Are A Father Of Kids When...

... your wife catches you singing Raffi to yourself.

A few weeks ago Josh and I took a business trip to Detroit.  Ethan and Aiden stayed with Nana and Papa so we could go and get back.  (Thank you Mom and Dad!!!)  But this post isn't necessarily about our trip or a cute story about our boys, it's about Josh aka Daddy.

While in Detroit I realized a huge change in Josh.  I was in the bathroom getting ready for our big day and Josh was in the room getting himself ready when I heard him singing.  For those of you who know Josh, know he always sings so this doesn't come to much of a surprise... but usually you would hear him singing a popular country song or even a little top charts pop.  NOT THIS TIME. Now remember, we didn't have either of the boys with us. Josh was singing the ever so famous Raffi Down By The Bay!!  I couldn't believe my ears and it made me smile from ear to ear.  He must have little boys at home.

This past summer I bought a Raffi CD at a garage sale. I am pretty sure Josh thought I was a little weird since I was so excited to have scored this stellar deal.  Josh wasn't as thrilled as me since he had NO idea who Raffi was.  On our next car ride I put in the CD for Ethan and I started to sing along.  Again, I got some weird looks from the driver's seat... I am sure he was thinking that these songs were the weirdest thing he has ever heard.  They are so catchy I knew in no time he would be singing along. 


                                                                    MY BOYS!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome to the world Aiden Martin Flom

I haven't forgotten about my blog and actually have a list of things I want to blog about.  I have found that as soon as I we get Ethan to nap, it's Aiden's time to feed and time just gets away from me.  No excuses though, here is Aiden's birth story.

Sunday, August 26th  - 38 weeks
We were to check into the Birth and Delivery floor at the hospital by 8pm to get me admitted and get the process going.  Since I wasn't dialated and wasn't much effaced either the nurse had some work to do beforehand so we could induce in the morning.  My doctor told me to take a bath to relax before coming and to have a good dinner since you never know when you are going to get to eat again.  So I took a bath got Ethan and Lucy packed and ready to stay with my parents and headed to their house to eat.  Hmmmm... my last meal was spaghetti and meatballs... I thought the carbs would be good.  Here is my last picture pregnant and our last picture of a family of three (4 including Lucy)... oh and little Isabel just can't stay away from an opportunity to say "cheeeeeese".

Once we got to the hospital our nurse Christy made us feel so comfortable and got started right away.  Her and Josh were even constantly quoting and acting out scenes from Office Space... it was quite funny to watch.  She got started right away by placing a small pill on my cervix to get it "ready" for the pitocin in the morning.  My doctor would be in around 8am or so to get me going so all I had to do that night was sleep... YEAH RIGHT!!!!

Saturday, August 27th
2:45am - I woke up in miserable pain.  The pain was unbearable and all I had to do was go to the bathroom.  Josh woke up with the sound of my moans/screams.  I ran to the bathroom hoping that the pain was because I was holding "it" too long.

3:00am Once exiting nurse Christy was waiting for me.  She said, "Time to call the anesthesiologist?"  I am pretty sure I screamed "Yes!"  I got back in bed, she checked me and also said, "Time to call the doctor as well!" Not only did I need the anesthesiologist and doctor but also my mom.  I had Josh call my mom and tell her it was time.

3:30am My mom walks in and the anesthesiologist follows moments behind... good timing.  (Insert apology here) I need to apologize to the anesthesiologist just doing his job.  I wasn't very friendly from what I remember and I am sorry that I didn't care what you said or how careful you needed to be while inserted the drugs! 

4:00am Drugs are in but not working.  I am numb in my lower half but can still feel my contractions and they hurt.  Oh well I won't feel the baby right!?!?  Right.

4:00-5:40am Working through contractions, trying to get the drugs to numb my pain (no such luck no matter how often I had someone push the control button).  Nurse Christy pushing on some pressure points on my hand to make me focus on that pain and not my contractions (impressed it worked)

5:40am Doctor is here and I am 100% ready to go.  A few pushes and I am making progress but still no baby.  Some more pushes with my mom on one side and Josh on the other.. You two make a great team!

5:55am Christy asks if I want to try using the mirror so I can see what is going on.  With some hesitation I finally say yes.  Might as well give it a try.  I do not want to go through 2hours of pushing.  Mirror comes in and we are ready to. Wow there is alot that goes on down there and is that a head? WOW!

6:00am Ready... Set... Push... yep that was a head and yep I am pushing and yep now the doctor says to hold it and yep....

                     7LBS 3OZ
                     20 1/2 IN LONG

I make it seem like we had his name ready to go but truth is, Aiden didn't have a name right away.  We had a list and after we held him and watched him we decided he was the perfect Aiden. 

8:00am My doctor came in and said "You weren't suppose to have him yet!" she was shocked that I went so fast and that I didn't have any pitocin.  Little Aiden had his own timeline and 6:02am was his time.  Thank you Dr Jenkins are all our prenantal care and Dr Druckman for delivering both my boys on short notice!

                             WELCOME TO THE WORLD AIDEN MARTIN FLOM!!!
                      MOM, DAD, BIG BROTHER ETHAN LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

So many of you came to the hospital or our home to visit and showered Aiden and Ethan with gifts.  Thanks for coming to welcome Aiden to the world.  It made us feel so loved and blessed to have such wonderful support.  

Aiden is already 6 weeks old so we have some catching up to do but so far we are all doing great!

Love to you all!
Mama Hoot of 2

Friday, August 24, 2012


My last 6 weeks of this pregnancy have been rough.  Multiple ultrasounds, weekly appointments, urine tests, non stress tests and bloodwork weekly if not biweekly since I was 32 weeks.  I was put on bedrest last Friday since I have consistently have had high blood pressure, protein in my urine and then some bad lab tests.  I was diganosed with mild preeclampsia.  I spent 4 hours in Labor & Delivery on Monday trying to get my blood pressure down to a safe level to send me home.  I was obviously sent home with strict orders to lay on my left side and stay there as much as I can.

This morning I had a full biophysical ultrasound done on the baby and the baby looks great!!!  The stomach is running into the 60th percentile and with that said and my unfortunate luck of preeclampsia.... WE ARE HAVING A BABY BORN ON MONDAY!!!!

This was such great news because I am not made to be on bed rest. Bed rest SUCKS!  God bless the woman that do it more than a week and I wish that upon no one.  Our bags are packed and we are ready to go.

I want to thank a ton of people that have helped Josh, Ethan and I over the past week....
    Thanks to my Aunt Char for the calls and stopping by with lunch, my sisters for picking up Ethan's mess and helping disicpling him when I can't move and Kerri for the magazine and lasgana (we still haven't ate it because I am holding out for the perfect day).  Also a huge thank you to my parents.  My mom came over Tuesday morning and cleaned my house, did my laundry and motivated Josh to help too!!  They also have just stopped over numerous times to take Ethan out shopping and brought over lunch and dinner so many times.  Thank you for the numerous phone calls from my friends and family to check on me and to keep me occupied.  I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Broken Bones

I am not a good blogger but I haven't given up.  With a little (sarcasm inserted) push from my sister Kati and I am updating this evening.  The Flom's have had a very interesting month.  Let's back up 3 weeks shall we...

August 2nd:
I had an afternoon prenatal visit at 1:20 which was poor planning on my part since that was right during Ethan's nap time.  We ate lunch and headed to my mom and dad's house so Ethan could play and nap there while Josh and I ran to the appointment.  I got back to my parents house after 2:30 and heard Ethan crying.  I searched all over the house and found him with Auntie NeNe (Kortney) down in her room trying to still get him to nap.   I figured he had to be OVER TIRED since he was crying so hard... like mother like son... right?!?! :)  Well turns out that was probably part of the problem but there was another thing bothering him.

Before that he snuck away being the hurricane he is and got into the guest bedroom.  Ethan loves to climb on beds and jump on them so since no one was with him I can only imagine this is what he was doing.  (This one I am blaming dad for since he always lets Ethan jump in his crib- busted Josh).  Well before long everyone in the house heard a thunk and what did they find... Ethan between the bed and the wall.  Mom and Kortney checked him over and he seemed okay minus the fact he wouldn't stop crying. 

When I went down to see Ethan I brought him upstairs, looked him over myself and nothing stood out to me either so I rocked him and within minutes he was asleep and slept for over 3 hours!  So he's good right?  WRONG! 

Ethan and I woke up and played around, I noticed he wasn't using his right arm like he usually does.  Then I took his arm to change him and he screamed and screamed and screamed.  Okay he just doesn't want to take off his pajamas... I was imagining him not using his arm... I think.  We got Josh up and decided to run to Burnsville for some errands and lunch.  In the car he just let him arm hang and did everything left handed.  Again I am imaging this I think.  We went to lunch and sure enough he picked up his fork with his left hand and his right arm hung at his side.  Nope I am not imagining this.  A quick call to my mom and she says bring him in right away, his arm is broke.  No that can't be.  I have never broke a bone and neither has Josh.

Off to Urgent Care we go....
Ethan hates the doctor's office and he hates it even more now since the doctor grabbed his arm and started to adjust his elbow.  I told the doctor that it isn't his elbow, it is right above his wrist.  We get sent for xrays.  Good thing I am pregnant so I couldn't be the bad guy and have to hold him down for xrays... good work Josh :)  We head back to the doctor and what was that?  say it again?  I was right?  It wasn't his elbow... he broke his ulna and radius right above the wrist.

Ethan got a splint put on and then we had to go to an orthopedic the following week for a new splint that he got off yesterday.  Thanks Kati for going with Josh!!! 

It was a long 3 weeks with no baths, no water table and no swimming in his new pool that Nana and Papa Hoen got him just days after the break.  Ethan got to swim yesterday and so it is all good and the arm is healed and better than ever.

Kortney and Elias felt so bad that Ethan broke his arm since each of them thought the other was with him when this happened but we all know Ethan doesn't stop and I don't blame anyone... This broken arm didn't even stop him... see pictures below... rosey cheeks mean he was busy- helped fix the shed with dad and papa - even got to sit on papa's motorcycle (papa took him a ride on the scooter later).  He loves his papa's "momo"

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ethan 15 MonthAppointment & Lil Hoot #2 32 weeks

Ethan had his 15 month appointment last week and it was an adventure.  All previous appointments we have left feeling like our kid was an angel.   This appointment was very different.  Ethan was very naughty.  I think he screamed from the moment we walked into the room.  He swatted at the nurse and doctor whenever they came close and even got yelled at by the doctor for playing with an outlet.  We were those people in the room next door that frightened you but don't worry it wasn't the nurse or the doctor it was all Ethan just not wanting to be there. 

With all that happening we were still able to find out that he developmentally is right on track and we are doing well as parents!  Ethan is still in the top of his class for height and head so no surprises there.  Most people comment about how tall and skinny he is and I guess they got that right (thank god he didn't get his mom's height).

Weight: 24lbs 13oz  50th percentile
Height: 33inches  90th percentile
Head: 19.25   89th percentile

Ethan's favorite book right now is Bubbles Bubbles.  His nickname started out as Frank (from Everyone Loves Raymond) but since he has gotten a haircut it has more appropriately been renamed HURRICANE (thank you to Auntie Kati and Uncle Butter for some original nicknames).  My apologies if you stop over to my house and can't find my floor because of everything Ethan has destructed.  Sadly I can't deny that his nickname is more than fitting. 

32 Week Appointment
My appointment this week was an interesting one as well.  I have been retaining lots of water and my blood pressure in the morning and afternoon is right on but after work I am over 140/90.  They are keeping a close eye on me because they have also found protein in my urine.  What does this all mean?  They are trying to keep my from becoming preeclamptic (the extact reason why I was induced with Ethan).  The great news was that all my blood work has come back normal so no bedrest is needed for now.  I do have to start going in weekly though to get tests done and my water retention looked at.  Dr Jenkins promises me that this baby will be coming before 40 weeks and not later.

My measurements were of another concern at this appointment.  I am just over 32 weeks but when she measured me, she came up with 38cm so off to an ultrasound on Wednesday to make sure Lil Hoot #2 isn't getting too big.  This pregnancy has been exhausting but I can't wait to meet the baby.  I have a horrible sinus cold right now and just got over strep throat (who gets strep throat in the summer as an adult? I guess me).  Well enought of all this writing and let's get to some pictures... the first pictures are of Ethan at the cabing with his cousins (Josie, Elias, Madeline, Ava, Isabel, Caleb and Aubrey).  Then you will get a picutre of me... sorry not cute but remember I am not feeling good and then a few ultrasound pictures of Lil Hoot #2 (these are from the 20 week ultrasound)

Much Love,
Mama Hoot

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Getting Back Into It

I tell myself everyday that I am going to get back into the habit of blogging but then another day comes and goes and I didn’t do it.  Today is a new day and I want to document the last 9 weeks of my pregnancy for sure.

Let’s catch up…We have Ethan’s 15 month appointment on Thursday (he will actually be 15 ½ months… oops we were a little late on getting him in).   I am guessing he is around 27 pounds and still tall with a big head J  Ethan started to walk at 11 months and has not stopped.  He climbs on everything and has become Mr. Independent.  This past weekend he has learned to scowl and boy is it a scowl.  Just say hi to him and he just might show you “the look.”  But no matter how loud he screams or how bad he tears apart the house I just can’t get enough of him.  

Our summer has been busy.  We moved to Shakopee, rented out our townhome, did some landscaping around our new home, planted a garden, had a garage sale, chased Ethan and grew a baby… well I should say, Josh has had a busy summer.  I mainly grew a baby but this pregnancy has been exhausting.  

We found out we were having another baby on January 2nd and couldn’t have been more excited.  Ethan was just 8 months old so we for sure convinced ourselves we could do this.  Now I am not so sure but what are ya gonna do?  During the first trimester I was tired but who wouldn’t be.  I wasn’t sick with this pregnancy unlike Ethan’s but I still lost a bunch of weight.  I also thought I would feel this baby sooner but it ended up being later.  Everything went very smoothly and I finally got to feel Lil Hoot #2 move the Thursday of my 22nd week.  Surprisingly, Josh felt the baby move the very next day.  It was exciting that we got to share that experience so close together.  The heartbeat has been consistently in the 154 range except for our first ultrasound when baby was 10 weeks and the heart rate was 170 and then at our last visit where the Lil Hoot #2 had a relaxed heart rate around 147.  At my 28 week appointment I was measuring at 30 weeks (not too bad).     

We didn’t find out the sex of Lil Hoot #2 so once again we will have a surprise… I am carrying low so I think it is a boy.  I had horrible water retention with Ethan and it is back again.  I think I will be resorting back to my pressure socks very soon.  I am very much looking forward to this baby’s arrival and can’t wait for Ethan to be a big brother.

I will update again after Ethan’s check up!... I promise.

Much love,
Mama Hoot

Friday, September 9, 2011

Not so Jenny, Not so Jumper

Among almost all of Ethan's things that we have borrowed from his dear cousin Isabel is a Jenny Jumper.  I remember putting Isabel in the jumper when she was Ethan's age and younger and she LOVED to jump around.  Unlike Isabel, Ethan has no idea what to do so he just hangs out.  I put him in the jumper when I shower and am getting ready in the bathroom.  I have tried to assist him in jumping but no he doesn't get it or it could be pure laziness... oh well!  So I attached a picture below to show you what he does in the "jumper."  I love this picture because there are a few things wrong with it.  1) it is pink and even though I love the shirts that say real men wear pink, I just don't think the floral is his look.  2) it looks like he has only 1 arm though I promise he has 2. And lastly 3) again he just doesn't get it but we love him anyways :)   Doesn't he look like he is having FUN!?!?!  To give Ethan a little credit, I did step out of the shower the other day and he was spinning himself in cricles.  It was kinda humerous because he looked as if he was going to puke.  Miss Isabel, we still appreciate you sharing all your fun toys with Ethan even if he doesn't use them like you did!!